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  • CJ2 Omron

CJ2 Omron

Update Terakhir
12 / 12 / 2019
Min. Pembelian
1 Unit



Detail CJ2 Omron

CJ2 Omron Sysmac CJ2 CJ2 offers enhanced performance and functionality over the CJ1. A Programmable Controller that inherits all the features of the CJ1, but provides igher data memory capacity, a multifunctional ethernet port, tag access and a USB port. Models: CJ2H-CPU64 CJ2H-CPU64-EIP CJ2H-CPU65 CJ2H-CPU65-EIP CJ2H- CPU66 CJ2H-CPU66-EIP CJ2H-CPU67 CJ2H-CPU67-EIP CJ2H-CPU68 CJ2H-CPU68-EI P CJ2M-CPU11 CJ2M-CPU12 CJ2M-CPU13 CJ2M-CPU14 CJ2M-CPU15 CJ2M-CPU31 C J2M-CPU32 CJ2M-CPU33 CJ2M-CPU34 CJ2M-CPU35 CJ2M-MD211 CJ2M-MD212
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