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  • CKD Selenoid Valve

CKD Selenoid Valve

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10 / 12 / 2019
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Detail CKD Selenoid Valve

CKD PNEUMATIC Solenoid Valve Cylinder Modular Valve Rotary Actuator Speed Control Vacuum CKD Pneumatic - Cylinder SCA2-P-LB-40B-100 CKD PNEUMATIC CYLINDER Double acting, stroke adjustable type ( extend) SCA2-P Series CKD - Cylinder SCS-LN-LB-125B CKD PNEUMATIC CYLINDER Lubrication type without switch SCS-LB-125-B-50 Oil-free type without switch SCS-N-LB-125-B-50 Oil-free type with switch SCS-LN LB 125 B 50 R0 CKD - Cylinder with Vacuum Pad MVC Section of work piece sucking and vacuum passages are incorporated into guide rod as standard. Guide rod for non-rotating is equipped as standard. Rod end socket type sucking pad ( 2 to 10 mm dia.) is available. Square shaped body enables direct mount from 2 directions. Miniature cylinder switches are integrated into main body slots. CKD - Solenoid Valve 4F021 / 4F111 / 4F121 / 4F131 / 4F141 CKD PNEUMATIC Solenoid Valve A4F011 4F021 A4F011 4F021 4F111 4F121 4F131 4F141 CKD Pneumatic - Cylinder CMK2M Pre-lubricated, high corrosion proof and long service life 4 types of bore size, 20, 25, 32& 40 mm Wide variation including double and single acting, extend, retract, position locking, low speed, heat resistance types etc. Wide options including bellows, rod material change etc. Cylinder switches are available for standard cylinder. CKD Pneumatic - Cylinder SCPS / SCPS2 / SCPH2 / SCPD2L CKD PNEUMATIC Cylinder SCPS SCPS2 SCPH2 SCPD2L SCPD2T CKD : Solenoid Valve AB41 2 port direct acting solenoid valve : Open when energized, close when energized GENERAL PURPOSE VALVE AB31· AB41· AB42 SERIES Discrete valve • Direct acting poppet structure • Port size : Rc1/ 8, Rc1/ 4, Rc3/ 8, Rc1/ 2
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