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Produk FORT

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20 / 12 / 2019
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1. Panel Meter -Volt Meter class 1.5 FT-96 FT-72 - Ampere Meter VIA CT/ 5A class 1.5 FT-96 FT-72 -Ampere meter direct class 2.5 type FT-96 FT-72 - Frequency meter class 1.0 FT-96 FT-72 - Power Fcator meter class 1.5 FT-96 - Kilowatt meter class 1.5 FT-96 2.Digital Panel Meter Digital Vol meter - AC digital voltmeter 1 display x 4 digit inbuilt keypad for selector switch - AC digital voltmeter 3 display x 4 digit inbuilt keypad for selector switch Digital Amper meter - AC digital voltmeter 1 display x 4 digit inbuilt keypad for selector switch - AC digital voltmeter 3 display x 4 digit inbuilt keypad for selector switch Digital power factor meter - AC digital Cos Q meter, display x 4 digit inbuilt keypad for selector switch Digital Frequency meter - AC digital HZ meter 1 display x 4 digit inbuilt keypad for selector switch Digital multi meter-AC digital multi meter, 3 display x 4 digit ( V, A, HZ, W, Var, Cos Q) inbuilt keypad for selector switch 3.Current Transformer -MSQ-30 series ( busbar hole 10 x 30 mm) 50/ 50A 60/ 5A 75/ 5A 100/ 5A 150/ 5A 200/ 5A 250/ 5A - MSQ-40 series ( busbar hole 10 x40 mm) 300/ 5A 400/ 5A 500/ 5A 600/ 5A - MSQ-60 series ( busbar hole 10 x 60 mm) 500/ 5A 600/ 5A 800/ 5A 1000/ 5A 1200/ 5A - MSQ-100 Series ( Busbar hole 10 x100 / 30 x 80 mm) 800/ 5A 1000/ 5A 1200/ 5A 1600/ 5A 2000/ 5A 3000/ 5A 4. Power Supply Brand FORT type: Output Voltage 5Vdc S-15-5 S-35-5 S-50-5 S-100-5 Output Voltage 12 Vdc S-15-12 S-35-12 S-50-12 S-100-12 S-145-12 S-240-12 S-320-12 S-350-12 S-5 00-12 Output Voltage 15 Vdc S-15-15 S-35-15 S-50-15 S-100-15 S-145-15 S-200-15 Output Voltage 24Vdc S-15-24 S-35-24 S-50-24 S-100-24 S-145-24 S-201-24 S-240-24 S-350-24 S -500-24 S-600-24 S-800-24 S-1000-24 Output Voltage 48Vdc S-100-48 S-201-48 S-350-48 S-500-48 S-600-48 Power Supply Triple Output by FORT Type: T-60-A/ U1 T-40-B/ U2 T-60B/ U2 T-60C/ U3 T-100C/ T-120-C T-100D/ T-120 -D Quant group output type: Q-120-U3 Q-100-U2 Q-180-U4 Din Rail Type Single Output Rail Type 5VDC 3A Type DR-30-5 5 VDC 6.5 A Type DR-60-5 12Vdc 2.0 A Type DR-30-12 12 Vdc 5A Type DR-69-12 24 Vdc 2.5 A Type DR-60-24 Power Supply Brand SUN_ LUX Single Output 12 Vdc dan 24 Vdc Mini Switching Power Supply Brand FORT Single Output 5Vdc, 12Vdc, 24Vdc Command Switch Model Telemecanique - Pilot Lamp " Led" 30 MM Brand Fort Direct with LED indicator Diameter 30 mm , 220VAC, 24VDC Red, Yellow, Green Type AD22-30DS Pilot Lamp " LED" 22MM, SUN_ LUX dan No Brand ( tidak ada merk) Pilot Lamp LED 22mm Brand FORT Pilot Lamp ( LED) 16mm Srew Mounting Pilot Lamp " NEON" Push Button Iluminated Push Button with NEON " old type/ type lama" Diameter 22 mm Iluminated Push Button with LED new type/ tipe baru Diameter 22 mm Selector switches Illuminated Selector switch Emergency Push Button Selector Switch Contact Blok Command Switch Box Push Button Station ( Putih dan Kuning) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5Hole Accessoris For Pilot lamp & Push Button lamp Hoist Push Button Power Button Push Button Box Box For DOL starter with push button Switch Box Srew / Junction Box Isolator Bar Holder Silender type Isolator Bar Holder Square type isolator Isolator type SM color RED Buzzer Buzzer without lamp Buzzer with lamp Insert Surfale Foot switchRotary Switch Cam Stater Toggel Switch Load Break Switch LBS Change Over Switch COS Jumper Set For COS GGLZ Din Rail Terminal Block Rail type terminal block ( Model Kasuga, warna hitam) Pemakaian di Rail 2 fungsi Rail type terminal block( Model TEND) ( Untuk pemakaian di Rail 1 fungsi) ( Pemakaiian di Rail 1 fungsi DON RAIL TERMINAL BLOCK Terminal Block Type UK ( Grey) Terminal Block type UK ( color Yellow-Green) Accesories For Terminal UK TERMINAL BLOCK Terminal TC Terminal TB Terminal Block Type IN Terminal Krustin PANEL LOCK & ENGSEL PANEL Panel Lock Push Lock/ Open, Without key Push Lock/ Open, with key Hanle + Lida Engsel Panel FUSE NH Fuse Link NH Fuse Holder NH Fuse Puller/ Carrier Fuse Fuse kubur with fuse glass 10A Panel Mounting fuse Holder without fuse glass Din rail mounting fuse holder with lamp model MCB Fuse link 10 x 38 TIMER & RELAY - Weekly digital voltage 220-240AC, 50/ 60HZ Timer setting range : 1min-168hours Din Rail Mounting - Hour meter Voltage 24-240AC, 50HZ Timer Range: 0-99999h insert type - Counter Analog Voltage 220AC, 50HZ - Protection Motor 3phase Relay , 380VAC Photo sensor Photo electric Light Control 220VAC TIMER & RELAY Socket Relay Relay Timer ( Model Omron) Timer Model THEBEN INDUSTRIAL PLUGS & SOCKETS ( CEE) Industrial Plug Industrial Socket Mobile Socket TOWER AND WARNING LIGHT Tower Light Tower Light With Buzzer ( Bunyi) Warning Light Warning Light with Buzzer Miniature Signal light MOTOR SIREN ( SIRINE) PANEL ACCESSORIES PG Cable Gland ( Putih & Hitam) CG/ MG Cable Gland Cable Markers Marker tube ( Warna Putih) Cabel Ties Tie Mounts Spiral Wrapping BandHeat Shrink Tubing Lasdop Press Lasdop/ Screw On Wire Connectors Lasdop/ Double Wings Screw on wire Connectors Busbar Sisir untuk MCB Untuk 1 phase , untuk 3 phase RELL Untuk MCB Stopper CABLE LUGS Scun Cable B & C type SKUN KABEL Skun type Y Skun Type Ring O
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