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Meta-MEC MCCB& ELCB Series

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08 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Meta-MEC MCCB& ELCB Series

Compact, reliable, convenient; Offering economical solution with compact and increased breaking capacities. Easy installation and maintenance. Various kinds of accessories Characteristics Meta-MEC MCCBs shall comply with IEC 947-1 and 947-2 standards or with the corresponding standards applicable in the member countries ( EN 60 947-1, 2) Suitable for isolation, as defined by IEC 947-2 Line protection Motor/ generator protection Starter combination Offering economical solution with compact sizes and increased interrupting capacities. Complete range of two, three and four-pole version. Employing a fixed thermal and fixed magnetic trip. Rating plugs to change thermal currents are available for 400 and 800AF. 3-pole ELCBs physically interchangeable with 3-pole MCCBs are available. Offering more accessories such as rear connection and extended rotary type handles. Frames made of rigid materials of engineering plastics. 400, 800AF breakers use the individual rating plug for determining the continuous current rating. MCCB with reference temperature 50 is available on request. Motor protection MCCBs with magnetic only trip are available. Type: ABE 52b ABE 53b ABE 63b ABE 102b ABE 103b ABE 104b ABE 202b ABE 203b ABE 204b ABE 402b ABE 403b ABE 404b ABE 802b ABE 803b ABE 804b ABS 32 ABS 33 ABS 52b ABS 53b ABS 54b ABS 62b ABS 63b ABS 64b ABS 102b ABS 103b ABS 104b ABS 202b ABS 203b ABS 204b ABS 402b ABS 403b ABS 404b ABS 802b ABS 803b ABS 804b ABS 1003 ABS 1004 ABS 1203 ABS 1204 ABH 32b ABH 33b ABH 52b ABH 53b ABH 54b ABH 102b ABH 103b ABH 104b ABH 202b ABH 203b ABH 204b ABH 402b ABH 403b ABH 404b ABL 52a ABL 53a ABL 54a ABL 102a ABL 103a ABL 104a ABL 202a ABL 203a ABL 204a ABL 402b ABL 403b ABL 404b ABL 802b ABL 803b ABL 804b
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