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Metasol MCCB& ELCB Series

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21 / 05 / 2024
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Detail Metasol MCCB& ELCB Series

Compatible and differentiated design Same External dimension with MCCB and ELCB Upgrade the coordination Upgrade breaking capacity Ics = 100% Icu Features Compatible and differentiated design Compatible with the Meta-MEC Outlook differentiated design Same External dimension with MCCB and ELCB Upgrade the coordination Upgrade the coordination with Susol / Meta-MEC mass capacity Upgrade breaking capacity N100AF : 10 ’ 18kA S125AF : 25 ’ 37kA S250AF : 25 ’ 37kA H250AF : 35 ’ 50kA N400AF : 25 ’ 37kA S400AF : 35 ’ 50kA S800AF : 50 ’ 65kA Ics = 100% Icu Characteristics 100% compatible with Meta-MEC Series. Standardized dimension ( Depth, Cutout) when the panel is made. Various installable Accessories Wider range of installable accessories compared to Meta MEC series. Composed of User Friendly Method. Common use internal accessories to 250AF Metasol MCCBs and ELCBs Alarm Switch ( AL) Alarm switches offer provisions for immediate audio or visual indication of a tripped breaker due to overload, short-circuit, operation of shunt trip, or undervoltage trip conditions, operation of push button. They are particularly useful in automated plants where operators must be signaled about changes in the electrical distribution system. This switch features a closed contact when the circuit breaker is automatically tripped. In other words, this switch does not function when the breaker is manually operated. Its contact is open when the circuit breaker resets. Auxiliary Switch ( AX) Auxiliary switch is for applications requiring remote “ ON” and “ OFF” indication. Each switch contains two contacts that have a common connection. One is open and the other closed when the circuit breaker is open, and vice-versa. Undervoltage trip ( UVT) The undervoltage trip automatically opens a circuit breaker when voltage drops to a value ranging between 35% to 70% of the line voltage. The operation is instantaneous, and the circuit breaker cannot be reclosed until the voltage returns to 85% of line voltage. Continuously energized, the undervoltage trip must be operating before the circuit breaker can be closed. Shunt Trip ( SHT) The shunt trip opens the mechanism in response to an externally applied voltage signal. LS shunt trips include coil clearing contacts that automatically clear the signal circuit when the mechanism has tripped contact with live parts, and thereby guarantee protection against direct contacts. Ratings MCCB & ELCB High breaking capacity : up to 50kA Ics= 100% X Icu Insulation Voltage : 750V Impulse Voltage : 8kV
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