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Sunx Terbaik Berkualitas

Update Terakhir
29 / 05 / 2024
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Detail Sunx Terbaik Berkualitas

Photo Electric Digital pressure Laser Colour Mark Safety Area Sensor Control Unit Proximity Switch Dan Masih banyak lagi Area/ Bin Picking NA2-N Series NA1-5 Series NA1-PK3 Series NA1-11 Series Legacy Obsolete Fiber Optic Sensors FX-500 Series FX-300 Series FX-100 Series FX-400 Series Retro Reflective Fibers Diffuse Fibers Thru Beam Fibers Legacy Obsolete Inductive GX-M Series GX-F/ H Series GX-N Series GX Series GA-311 Series GL-18 GX-U Series Legacy Obsolete Laser Sensors LS Series M18-L Series LC Series EX-L200 Series Legacy Obsolete Measurement HL-G1 Series HL-C2 Series GP-X Series HL-T1 Series LA-300 Series LA Series LD Series GP-A LM10 Legacy Obsolete Micro-Photo Sensors PM-64 Series PM Series PM2 Series Legacy Obsolete Photo-Electric Sensors CY-100 Series CX-400 Series EX-10 Series EX-20 Series EX-30 Series EX-40 Series EQ-30 Series EQ-500 Series CY Series SU-7 Series NX-5 Series RT-610 Series RX-LS200 Series MQ-W Series VF Series Legacy Obsolete Pressure/ Flow DPC-L100/ DPH-L100 DP-100 Series DPH-100/ DPC-100 DP-M DP2 FM-200 DP4 DP5 Legacy Obsolete Safety SF-4B Series SF-4C ST4 SF2B Legacy Obsolete Sensor Controllers NPS Series RCM Converters PS-930/ 110 CA2 Series Legacy Obsolete SQ-4 Series: Cat. 4 Safety rated leak sensor for water and harsh chemicals EX-F60/ F70 Series: Leak detection sensing in pvc and pfa versions LX-100 Series: RGB type for color or mark sensing with pb teach, digital display FZ-10 Series: RGB fiber optic amplifier type with pb teach US-N300 Series: Thrubeam ultrasonic sensing for transparent targets EZ-11 Series: Thrubeam sensors for reliable detection of water M-DW1: LED diffuse reflective for wafer mapping of all wafers GD Series: Metal double-sheet detection TH Series: High-speed hot glue melt presence sensing PX2 Series: Anti collision with adjustable sensing fields EX-F1 Series: Clear pipe-mountable liquid level sensor ER-TF Series: Wide area static ionizer designed for use in cell manufacturing facilities. ER-V Series: Compact, spot type ionizer with an array of available nozzles ER-VW Series: Ultra-slim, high-performance ionizers EF-S Series: Real-time monitoring of the static electricity levels in your production process ER-Q Series: Compact Fan Type ionizer Wire Saving/ Bus Systems S-Link SC Series Legacy Obsolete PRESSURE SENSOR * Dual Display Digital Pressure Sensor for Gas: DP-100.* Micro-differential Pressure High Precision: DP-M.* Head-separated Dual Display Digital Sensor for Liquid & Gas ( NEW) : DPC-L100/ DPH-L100.* Integrated Display Type Digital Flow Sensor: FM-200. FIBRE SENSOR * Digital Fiber Sensor : * FX-500.* FX-100.* FX-300.* FX-410.* FX-311.* Digital Fiber Sensor for Leak Detection : * FX-301-F7/ FX-301-F. MICRO PHOTOSENSOR * U-shaped : PM-64/ PM-24/ PM-44/ PM-54.* Convergent Reflective : PM2 MICRO PHOTOSENSOR * U-shaped : Connector Built-in U-shaped Micro Photoelectric Sensor ( PM-64) .* Ultra small U-shaped Sensor ( PM-24) .* Small U-shaped Sensor ( PM-44/ PM-54) . PHOTO ELECTRIC SENSOR * Compact Photoelectric Sensor ( CX-400) .* Ultra slim Photoelectric Sensor ( EX-10) .* Ultra compact Photoelectric Sensor ( EX-20) .* Threaded Miniature Photoelectric Sensor ( EX-30) .* Convergent Reflective Photoelectric Sensor ( EX-40) .* CX-440.* EQ-500.* RX-LS200 AREA SENSOR * General Purpose & Slim Body Area Sensor ( NA2-N) .* Ultra Slim Body Picking Sensor ( NA1-PK5/ NA1-5) .* Compact Size Picking Sensor ( NA1-PK3) .* Area Sensor NA40. MEASUREMENT SENSORS * Compact Laser Displacement Sensor ( HL-G1) .* Ultra High speed High precision Laser ( HL-C2) .* Magnetic Displacement ( GP-X/ GP-A) .* Metal-sheet Double-feed Detection ( GD) .* Collimated Beam Sensor ( HL-T1/ LA/ LD) . PROXIMITY SENSOR * Amplifier Built-in: Rectangular-shaped Sensor ( GX-F/ H) .* DC 2-wire type Micro-size Sensor ( GXL) .* Compact & Low Price Sensor ( GL) .* Cylindrical Sensor ( GX-U/ GX-FU/ GX-N) .* Amplifier-separated: GA-311/ GH. LASER MARKER * FAYb Laser : 3D-Control FAYb Laser Maker ( LP-Z) .* FAYb Lase marker ( LP-V/ LP-W) .* CO2 Laser : LP-400 & LP300. S-LINK SENSOR & PARTICULAR USE SENSOR * S-LINK V/ S-LINK.* Wafer Detection ( M-DW1/ HD-T1) .* Liquid Leak Detection ( SQ4/ EX-F70/ EX-F60) .* Liquid Level Detection ( EX-F1) .* Color Mark Detection ( LX-100/ FZ-10) .* Hot Melt Glue Detection ( TH) .* Ultrasonic ( US-N300) .* US-N300.* LX-23. mechanical & electrical
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