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SUN-X Sensor

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15 / 05 / 2020
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Detail SUN-X Sensor

Jual Sunx : 1. Area/ Bin Picking Sunx From the detection of small slim objects, to an advanced series of bin picking sensors that simplify manual assembly processes, SUNX area sensors are an extremely versatile solution. NA2-N: General purpose up to 540mm NA1-5: 140mm tall parts taking verification NA1-PK3: Compact Size parts taking verification NA1-11: Detection of thin products such envelopes 2. Fiber Optic Sensors Sunx When your application calls for push button teach setup or a simple manual adjust fiber optic amplifiers look to SUNX for the best solution. SUNX also has over 180 fiber optic cables complimenting these best-in-class amplifiers. If your solution requires, long distance, high-temperature, high flexibility, or vacuum/ chemical resistance SUNX can provide the right fiber cable. Explore the models listed below to find the best fiber amp and fiber cable for your needs. FX-500 Series: Dual digital display, 25µ s response time, high functionality FX-300 Series: Digital display, intuitive user interface, high functionality FX-100 Series: Digital display, cost effective, easy set-up FX-400 Series: Manual adjust type with digital display 3. Inductive SUNX has a broad range of inductive proximity sensors for reliable detection of all metal targets. Available in self-contained and amp-separate packages they can provide accurate detection with micron repeatability. High temperature and shock resistance allows use of SUNX inductive proximity sensors in your most challenging environments. GX-F/ H Series: 3W-DC rectangular style with high stability sensing Replacing the GL and GXL series 3 wire 6, 8, 12, and 15mm style on Sept. 1, 2010 GX-N Series: 3W-DC cylindrical in smooth and threaded housing GX Series: 3W-DC cylindrical in smooth and threaded housing GA-311 Series: Amplifier separate type, low hysteresis, micron repeat accuracy GL-18 Series: 3W-DC 18MM Square type for long sensing distances GX-U Series: 2W-DC cylindrical in smooth and threaded housing The following brochures are for obsolete sensors: GL-6 Series - OBSOLETE GL-N12 Series - OBSOLETE GXL Series - 3-wire is obsolete, 2-wire is still available GL-8/ 8U Series - 3-wire is obsolete, 2-wire is still available 4. Laser Sensors Sunx Laser sensors offer a long sensing range and precision that can not be matched with LED based solutions. SUNX offers both self contained and amplifier separate laser sensors that provide maximum flexibility in solving applications. LS Series: Amp separate for long distance and high precision sensing M18-L Series: Self-contained with M18 metal or plastic barrel housing for long distance LC Series: Self-contained compact housing with advanced sensor functionality EX-L200 Series: Miniature self-contained laser sensor 5. Measurement Sunx When your application calls for the precision measurement of dimensions such as thickness, diameter, and height, SUNX has the solution.Very high-quality laser displacement, inductive displacement, and collimated beam sensors provide high-speed and accurate measurement solutions. HL-C2 Series: Ultra high-speed and high precision laser displacement sensor GP-X Series: High-speed and high-accuracy eddy current digital displacement HL-T1 Series: Ultra-compact laser collimated beam sensor LA-300 Series: Ultra-compact LED collimated beam sensor LA Series: Self-contained laser collimated beam sensor LD Series: High accuracy laser edge detection sensor GP-A: Simple inductive displacement sensor for basic measurement applications LM10: Laser displacement sensor 6. Micro-Photo Sensors Sunx The ultra-small PM series of u-shaped and diffuse convergent photoelectric sensors provides a wide range of models to provide miniaturization of your equipment. All PM u-shaped models are equipped with two outputs, one for Light-ON and the other for Dark-ON sensing. These versatile sensors are available in a connector type and cabled versions to maximize ease of installation. PM-64 Series: Connector type for space-saving applications PM Series: 3 styles featuring ultra-small, standard cables, and connector types PM2 Series: Diffuse convergent in 3 mounting configurations 7. Photo-Electric Sensors Sunx SUNX self-contained and amplifier-separated photoelectric sensors provide high sensing performance solutions in miniature, ultra-slim, compact, and rectangular housings. Utilizing infrared and red LED light sources SUNX sensors are designed to exceed your most challenging requirements for short and long distance sensing applications. CX-400 Series: World standard general purpose sensing EX-10 Series: Ultra slim housing featuring front and side sensing styles EX-20 Series: Ultra-compact bright led light source for long range detection EX-30 Series: Miniature housing with M4 and M6 threaded mounting tips EX-40 Series: Convergent reflective for reliable detection in limited area EQ-30 Series: 2 meter distance long range background/ foreground suppression EQ-500 Series: Long distance background suppression in ac and dc version CY Series: M18 plastic barrel in DC and AC supply voltage SU7 Series: Amp separate type with miniature and ultra-compact sensor heads NX-5 Series: Multi-voltage type with SPDT relay output-cable type RT-610: Series zinc die-cast housing u-shaped with manual adjustment RX-LS200: Series zinc die-cast housing background suppression with IR light source VF Series: Multi-voltage type with SPST relay output-terminal wiring MQ-W Series: Triple beam field adjustable sensors back ground suppression 8. Pressure/ Flow Sunx Pressure and flow sensors from SUNX offer self contained and separate head types for maximum versatility in your pressure sensing applications. All series' are available in positive pressure, vacuum, and compound pressure ranges as well as multiple port size and output options. DP-100 Series: Two-color dual-display pressure sensor with digital and analog signal DPH-100/ DPC-100: Two-color dual display pressure sensor head-separated type DP-M: Digital display sensor for high accuracy differential pressure sensing DP2: Red LED digital display pressure sensor with 2CH digital and analog signal FM-200: Digital display sensor for flow detection digital and analog outputs DP4: Two-color display, compact size pressure sensor with 1CH digital output DP5: Two-color pressure sensor; head separated type 9. Safety by Sunx Safety light curtains by SUNX offer category 4 and category 2 protection and are suitable for your entire machine safeguarding needs. Offering units with no dead zone detection and built-in muting and blanking functions, SUNX can provide you with a solution that is tailored to the needs of your machine. SF-4B Series: Cat 4 light curtain that does not require safety relay SF-4C Series: Cat 4 ultra-slim light curtain that does not require safety relay ST4 Series: Cat 4 compact single beam safety sensor SF2B Series: Cat 2 light curtain for safeguard protection 10. Sensor Controllers Sunx SUNX offers several sensor controller units to get the most out of analog and discrete output sensor solutions. With built-in displays, integrated timers, simple logic control, arithmetic functions, and signal converters these units are perfect for usage where the PLCs requires a different input or not is not accessible. NPS Series: Multi-function sensor controller RCM Converters: Din mount signal converters PS-930/ 110: AC powered plug-in power supply for on-off sensor control CA2 Series: Ultra-compact digital panel meter for analog signals 11. Special Use SUNX offers sensors that accomplish highly specialized tasks for the following industries that require sensors for automation: Semiconductor, printing, packaging, metal stamping, process control, material handling, medical, and automotive. SQ-4 Series: Cat. 4 Safety rated leak sensor for water and harsh chemicals EX-F60/ F70 Series: Leak detection sensing in pvc and pfa versions LX-100 Series: RGB type for color or mark sensing with pb teach, digital display FZ-10 Series: RGB fiber optic amplifier type with pb teach US-N300 Series: Thrubeam ultrasonic sensing for transparent targets EZ-11 Series: Thrubeam sensors for reliable detection of water M-DW1: LED diffuse reflective for wafer mapping of all wafers GD Series: Metal double-sheet detection TH Series: High-speed hot glue melt presence sensing PX2 Series: Anti collision with adjustable sensing fields EX-F1 Series: Clear pipe-mountable liquid level sensor 12. Static Ionizers Sunx Static charge on assembly line can have devastating effects on sensitive work pieces. Static charge on assembly line can have devastating effects on sensitive work pieces. The solution is the new line of Panasonic SUNX static sensing and reduction sensors. The high-frequency AC ionizers offer extremely fast charge reduction by emitting a highly balanced ion stream directly to your parts before static discharge has a chance to damage them. Explore the models listed below to find the best unit for your needs. ER-TF Series: Wide area static ionizer designed for use in cell manufacturing facilities. ER-V Series: Compact, spot type ionizer with an array of available nozzles ER-VW Series: Ultra-slim, high-performance ionizers EF-S Series: Real-time monitoring of the static electricity levels in your production process ER-Q Series: Compact Fan Type ionizer 13. Wire Saving/ Bus Systems The SUNX S-LINK is a bit-level bus system that can handle up to 128 I/ O points on two signal lines. The " T" -branch multi-drop system enables flexible cable layout and the use of IDC crimp style connections dramatically reduces installation/ modification costs. S-LINK gateway controllers provide communication with other high level bus systems such as DeviceNet and CC-link. S-Link: Bit level wire savings bus system SC Series: Sensor to PLC connection system
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