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Susol MCCB Series

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08 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Susol MCCB Series

Super Solution For power distribution by great performance by securing the highest breaking capacity by optimum coordination technique ( cascading & discrimination) For controlling, switching and protecting motor & circuits by great performance and reliance by optimum coordination between circuit breaker and contactor by superior quality and long lifespan by providing an ideal solution where space is limited through perfect combination with MMS For extensive applications by proving a wide range of optimized auxiliaries and accessories Susol Series Circuit Breakers Simplified installation, High Breaking Capacity, Optimized Protection Simplified 4 frame size ( 160/ 250/ 630/ 800AF from 16 to 800A) High breaking capacity Icu @ 415VAC: 50, 65, 85, 100, 150kA ( Ics= 100% Icu) Uimp = 8kV, Ui = 750V, Ue = 690V Built in trip unit for TD series: FTU, FMU interchangeable trip units for TS series: FTU, FMU, ATU, MTU, ETS, ETM Disconnecting switch unit ( DSU) is also available Communication: RS485( Modbus-RTU) Zone selective interlocking ( ZSI) Ammeter function Earth fault protection Various connection & Plug-in mounting Providing a large offer of coordination tables ( Cascading, Discrimination, Type II coordination) Common use of electrical auxiliries like as AX, AL, SHT, UVT Model: TD100N/ H/ L TD160N/ H/ L TS100N/ H/ L TS160N/ H/ L TS250N/ H/ L TS400N/ H/ L TS630N/ H/ L TD800N/ H/ L
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