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Product List Sick

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28 / 06 / 2021
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1. Product List Photoelectric Sensors Miniature photoelectric sensors Small photoelectric sensors Compact photoelectric sensors Fibre-optic photoelectric sensors Cylindrical photoelectric sensors Zone control Special applications 2. Proximity Sensors Inductive proximity sensors Capacitive proximity sensors Magnetic proximity sensors 3.Magnetic cylinder sensors Analog positioning sensors Sensors for T-slot cylinders Sensors for C-slot cylinders Sensor adapters for other cylinder types 4.Identification solutions Bar code scanners Image-based code readers ( 1D/ 2D/ OCR) Hand-held scanners RFID Connectivity 5.Measuring and detection solutions Indoor laser measurement technology Outdoor laser measurement technology 6.Fluid sensors Level sensors Flow sensors Pressure sensors Temperature sensors 7.Vision Vision sensors Smart cameras 3D cameras Vision systems 8.Encoders Rotary, absolute, multiturn Rotary, absolute, singleturn Rotary, incremental Linear, non-contact Linear, wire-draw 9.Opto-electronic protective devices Safety laser scanners Safety camera systems Safety light curtains Multiple light beam safety devices Single-beam photoelectric safety switches Mirror and device columns Upgrade kits safetyPLUS - competence in safe machinery 10.Safety switches Electro-mechanical safety switches Non-contact safety switches Safety command devices 11.sens: Control - safe control solutions Safety relays Safety controllers Network solutions 12.Registration Sensors Contrast sensors Color sensors Luminescence sensors Fork sensors Array sensors 13.Distance Sensors Short range distance sensors Mid range distance sensors Long range distance sensors Linear measurement sensors Ultrasonic sensors Double sheet detector Optical data transmission Position finders 14.Automation Light Grids Advanced automation light grids Standard automation light grids Smart light grids 15.Motor Feedback Systems Incremental with commutation Singleturn HIPERFACE Multiturn HIPERFACE Incremental Linear HIPERFACE
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